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Garden Products prides itself on 'uncommonly sensible' and versatile tools and gifts that may be taken from the garden to the table. Maine Garden was founded in 2002 by two people passionate about gardening -- and impatient with waiting for a 'better way' to harvest, wash, and carry their vegetables into their homes. Their passion, impatience, and creativity have given birth to Maine Garden's first product, Pike's Original Maine Garden Hod. A couple of years later, a similar demand for a 'better way' of harvesting, carrying and displaying cut flower stems led to the invention of The Flasket. Since then, Maine Garden Products has expanded to include raised and elevated beds, several different cedar planter boxes and a unique line of cedar frame/polycarbonate paneled greenhouses.  All cedar is milled here in our very own sawmill. Further information about our products may be obtained through our website or by contacting 207 613 2973 as well as by email [email protected]

Maine Garden Products produces sensible heirloom quality home and garden accessories. Born of pure Yankee Ingenuity, our unique products reflect the very best of Maine's long tradition of functional art, craftsmanship, and utility. For these reasons and more our customers return to us year after year.


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